2020 Agenda

This year’s sessions focus on building a circular economy in the Rockies. Sessions highlight the foundations of circular economies, communities and policies, collaborations among stakeholders and innovations in technology and processes.

  • How to Become Part of a Circular Economy
  • How to Tap Into Grant Funding
  • Bridging the Gap Between Package Design and Recycling
  • Finding Policy Solutions to Address Rural and Urban Recycling Challenges
  • Organics Recycling: Turning a Natural Resource into the Solution
  • Extended Producer Responsibility: Developing a Framework
  • Metro Denver Wasteshed Workshop
  • Public-Private Partnerships: The Success of ReImagine Phoenix and the Resource Innovation and Solutions Network
  • Plastic Labels on Aluminum Cans: An Emerging Issue
  • Innovations in Recycling and Upcycling
  • How to Build an End-

More details coming soon!