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Recycle Colorado is a 501(c)3, statewide nonprofit organization advancing circular economies & improving recycling across the state of Colorado. Our members share a vision to transform Colorado into a national leader in waste reduction, recovery, and diversion.

Our membership consists of 148 organizations and individuals who collaborate on problems, solutions, projects, and policy. With the support of our members, we are able to plan an annual Summit for Recycling conference, webinars, and many other educational events throughout the year. Colorado's recycling rate of 16% does not reflect the conservation mindset of its residents. We believe that communication between all aspects of the waste stream, haulers, producers, users, recyclers, composters, and cities and counties, is vital to achieving Colorado's diversion goals which preserve the state's beauty and resources. 

2024 Lobby Day

Voice your Opinion: Join us for Lobby Day 2024!

Each year, Recycle Colorado staff, members, and volunteers head to the Colorado Capitol to meet with legislators to discuss recycling and composting legislation. Lobby Day is a time to meet legislators and make your voice heard when it comes to waste reduction & diversion.

We invite you all to join us on February 27th to participate in Lobby Day. You will be put into small groups and each group will have an experienced leader with them, so you won't be alone. We provide you with all the information and training you need to meet with legislators on that day. You can learn more about Lobby Day by visiting our website and saving the date on your calendar. 

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2024 Updates to PPRA

With plastic bag and polystyrene (styrofoam) bans phasing in for 2024, come new resources for your community or business.

Eco-Cycle has created a toolkit to help understand the the policy that was implemented in January of 2023 and has included access to resources that can help with the transition. Download and customize PPRA resources for your business or community using their toolkit!

PPRA Toolkit

2024 Board of Directors

Our 2024 Board of Directors thank you for your continued support of Recycle Colorado!

We are happy to welcome these 3 new board members and 2 returning board members for 2024. We are confident their diverse perspectives of our 15 member board will benefit the entire organization in the coming year.

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Community Partner & Individual members will automatically receive renewal emails with their invoice a month before their membership expires.

All other members will be contacted by a Recycle Colorado board member to discuss their membership and any sponsorship opportunities they are interested in for the next year. If you would like to renew before a board member contacts you, please let us know and we can get an invoice to you sooner. 

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2024 Summit for Recycling

The Summit for Recycling is Colorado's local conference focused on providing you with opportunities to network, learn from, and celebrate with other recycling, composting, reuse, and zero waste professionals. We are super excited to start planning this year's Summit in Fort Collins! We hope you join us at the Hilton, June 3-5, in 2024. As we start to look for fun new ideas, planning support, sponsorship, speakers, and more, we will be sure to keep you all in the loop.

2024 Summit for Recycling

2024 Summit Theme

Creating a circular system for materials within Colorado faces many obstacles, including lack of access for rural and underserved populations, end-markets that either don't exist or are priced below profitability, a weak transportation system that favors advantaged communities, and a lack of knowledge by the general public about how reuse, recycling, and composting systems operate.

The 2024 Summit for Recycling will be focused on how to overcome these barriers to foster an equitable, feasible, and sustainable circular economy. We will combine informational sessions with workshops, tours, and networking opportunities to facilitate the sharing of best practices, innovations, and plans for the future. 

We will combine informational sessions with workshops, tours, and networking opportunities to facilitate the sharing of best practices, innovations, and plans for the future. Please submit your session proposal today.

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