Glass-collection project captures 30,000 pounds in six months

Colorado has a closed-loop economy for glass bottles, yet it is estimated that less than 30 percent of the glass that enters the waste stream is actually collected for recycling. Recycle Colorado designed the Glass Recycling Pilot Project to study the barriers to recycling in the commercial sector in the City of Denver.

The project is now complete. During six months, a total of 30,535 lbs of glass was collected from the 13 businesses and 23 commercial residences that participated in the project. The main reasons commercial entities gave for not participating or not continuing recycling after the project were cost, space for the cart/dumpster and insufficient volume of glass.

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Recycle Colorado recognizes outstanding recyclers

Recycle Colorado is proud to announce the recipients of the 2019 Recycling Awards. Winners were nominated by their peers in recognition of their contributions to or promotion of recycling and waste reduction. This year’s awards highlight champions for recycling in rural Colorado, lawmakers dedicated to waste diversion and businesses that exemplify waste reduction best practices.

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Eleven companies take the Colorado Contractor's Challenge

Recycle Colorado, in partnership with GE Johnson, is coordinating the 2019 Colorado Contractor’s Challenge. The Challenge is a voluntary program designed to encourage contractors based in Colorado to initiate or improve their sustainability efforts.

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