Northern Colorado Council

Welcome to the Northern Colorado Council’s page! We support Recycle Colorado members in Fort Collins, Larimer County, Weld County, and Boulder County. Historically, we have provided outreach and education to businesses. With the new plastic bans in place, HB 21-1162, our focus for 2022 was to help create a hub for information on the single use plastic ban information for Colorado!  

The NoCo Council invites you to participate in our upcoming educational sessions. Learn about the various state and local plastic bans that will affect Northern Colorado in 2022 and beyond. 

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Plastic Ban Educational Resources:

2022 NoCo Council Spotlight Presentation Schedule:

  • January 11th Randy Moorman will discuss the Basics of the Plastic Pollution Reduction Act HB 21-1162: What is it and how will it affect you? This state law bans single-use plastic bags and polystyrene packaging starting on Jan. 1, 2024 and requires minimum recycled content to be included in paper bags. Watch this presentation!
  • April 12th Holly Pummell- Senior Sustainability Specialist with the City of Fort Collins will discuss the Fort Collins Disposable Bag Ordinance that goes into effect May 1, 2022. The ordinance states that large grocers in Fort Collins will no longer provide plastic grocery bags and will begin charging customers for each paper bag used. Watch this Presentation! or View the Slide Show!
  • July 12th A virtual panel discussion on Going Green! We were able to learn about Northern Colorado Cannabis Businesses who have replaced single-use plastic products with durable packaging. We also heard from a private business who uses the triple-bottom line to find sustainable solutions to disposable plastic packaging. Watch this Presentation!

Guest speakers included:

  • Nikole Bari, owner of the Source Zero No Co in Berthoud, CO, which provides a soap refills, zero waste products, as well as alternatives to plastics for your daily living. 
  • Melinda Kadinger, COO and CFO of Smokey’s Cannabis Company in Garden City & Fort Collins, CO. Over the past four years Smokey’s has moved towards compostable packaging for self-packaged products as part of the Smokey’s goal of Zero Waste certification. Smokey’s has converted to a full living soil and all-natural growing practices and customer recycle programs resulting in a profitable and responsible model for the cannabis industry. 
  • Shawn Naughton, founder of Green For Green. His key focus is working on providing sustainable products and services to the cannabis industry.
  • November 8 3:00PM Presentation Topic to be Determined. Register Here.

Check back for updates or contact Becca Walkinshaw, NoCo Council Chair, for further information!
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Northern Colorado Council Leadership

Chair: Becca Walkinshaw, Republic Services- Fort Collins
Vice Chair: Amy Randell, 5280 Waste Solutions
Recorder: Ermine Cunningham
Board Liaison: Charlie Kamenides, Recycle Colorado Board President, City of Longmont