Plastics Circularity Council

The Mission of Plastics Circularity Council is to be a collaborative resource for finding and implementing viable methods to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic products in Colorado. This council will do this by exploring:

  1. Expanding the plastic recycling infrastructure and projects by prioritizing those processes which are currently practical at scale.

    1. Documenting the reduction of unrecyclable plastic generated or sold in Colorado as part of the effort to reduce waste and increase recycling.

    2. Differentiate the plastics in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors in the analysis of material streams.

  2. Identifying re-use or re-purposing opportunities for plastics in Colorado or the region

  3. Help stimulate economic development around circular economies and end markets for plastic in Colorado, given the definition of recycling and circularity recognized by Recycle Colorado.

2024 Plastic Circularity Council Meetings and Notes

November 14th - NOTES
January 16th, 1:00pm - RSVP

February 20th, 1:00pm - RSVP
March 19th, 1:00pm - RSVP

Plastic Circularity Council Leadership

Chair: Adam Hill, Direct Polymers
Vice Chair: Rebecca Hayes, Ridwell
Recorder: Yinghua Jin, "Alice", RockyTech
Recycle Colorado Board Liaison: Neil Noble, Republic Services