Recycle Colorado Staff

Executive Director

Elizabeth Chapman
[email protected]

It is an honor and the culmination of my professional career to be working with people across the state of Colorado to improve our systems for waste reduction, diversion, and recovery. Whether the work is transforming discarded products into new items, composting food and organics for healthier soil, or incorporating used materials into new buildings, I am excited to learn more about the many ways our members are driving Colorado to become a leader in material recovery. My role grants me the opportunity to discover the nexus between citizens, businesses, governments, and other non-profits who recognize the opportunities and benefits of moving towards a circular economy. I welcome and encourage all the members to reach out to me with ideas, information, and questions. 

Operations Coordinator

Ally ByzewskiAlly Byzewski
[email protected]

Ally joined Recycle Colorado shortly after graduating from the University of North Dakota and moving to Colorado. She is excited to learn more about how a nonprofit operates and wants also to help support recycling, composting and waste reduction initiatives for the state of Colorado. In her free time Ally enjoys rock climbing, traveling, and skiing the slopes.

Board of Directors Executive Committee

Board President: David Fridland
Board Vice Presidents: Jenifer Freeman, Melissa Kirr, & Brandy Moe
Treasurer: Sarah Jones
Secretary: Mellik Gorton

Board of Directors

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 Alicia Archibald  Tay Dunklee Jenifer Freeman
David Fridland Mellik Gorton Sarah B. Jones
Melissa Kirr Julie Mach Brandy Moe
Neil Noble Anna Perks Jennifer Richardson
Rachel Setzke Jonathan Wachtel Rob Writz