2024 Summit for Recycling Speakers


Jessmine AndersonJessmine Anderson
Green Workforce Program Manager, Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency
Speaking: June 5th during Building a Sustainable Workforce: Training Initiatives in Construction and Deconstruction

As CASR’s Green Workforce Program Manager, I work implement CASR's Green Workforce vision by ensuring that our programming is impactful, inclusive to all, and leads to quality employment. Prior to CASR, I spent three years with a local Denver nonprofit managing their workforce development programming tailored to individuals with hurdles to mainstream employment. Before moving to Denver, I lived in Portland Oregon and gained diverse workforce development and climate focused-experience, including working alongside immigrant and refugee populations to map issues of climate justice to workforce development programming. 

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Darla AriansDarla Arians
EPR Program Lead, CDPHE
Speaking: June 4th during Keynote, CAA & Producer Responsibility

As the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Lead for the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) Materials Management Unit, Darla serves as the technical expert for the implementation and oversight of Colorado’s first of its kind producer responsibility program. As the former Division Manager of Boulder County’s Resource Conservation Division, Darla co-founded the Colorado Product Stewardship Council in 2012 and helped lead the statewide initiative which led to the passage of the Architectural Paint Stewardship Act in 2014. She has first-hand experience implementing EPR at the local level, as well as 20 years of operational and managerial experience in the waste industry. She serves on the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) board, was an inaugural board member of the Front Range Waste Diversion Enterprise Fund (FRWD) Board of Directors, served as the chair for the City and County of Broomfield’s Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability (ACES) which led to the passage of Broomfield’s Zero Waste Resolution, and she formerly served as chair of the Recycle Colorado (RC) Policy Committee.

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Amber BarbellaAmber Barbella
Owner/Operator of Diversion Designers

Amber has 8 years of experience in professional waste reduction and diversion project management. After graduating from Fort Lewis College in 2019 with a B.A in Environmental Studies and Studio Art, she went on to tackle waste created at some of the largest musical events in the world. She went on to work with the USFS within the Greening Fires Initiative. In 2021, she moved back to her home state where she formed Diversion Designers, a waste consulting firm specializing in eliminating valuable resources from reaching the landfill.

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Shawn Bruckman

Shawn Bruckman
Soil Health and Compost Consultant, The Ground Up 

Speaking: June 5th during Assessing and Interpreting Compost Quality

Shawn Bruckman is a soil health and compost consultant with The Ground Up. With over a decade of experience in the compost industry she has designed and implemented compost programs that span all sectors of organics management, from commercial and community collection to food and yard waste processing. As a Certified Compost Operations Manager, she demonstrates best practices in the industry and is contracted to facilitate internationally recognized Compost Operator Training Courses for the Compost Research and Education Foundation. She serves on boards for her local Conservation District and the CDA Soil Health Advisory Committee, and is on the leadership team for the Colorado Compost Council.

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Ryan CallRyan J. Call
Campaigns Coordinator, Eco-Cycle
Speaking: June 4th during Amplifying Reuse Systems in Colorado

Ryan J. Call is the Campaigns Coordinator for Eco-Cycle. He earned an M.S. in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver, where he focused on sustainable waste management policies. Ryan has worked on several successful Zero Waste projects at the municipal and state levels. He currently lives in Laporte, CO, with his wife. 

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John CarhartJohn Carhart
Environmental Consultant & Lead Modeler, Eunomia Research & Consulting
Speaking: June 5th during Accelerating Composting in Colorado: An Overview of OMP 2.0

John graduated from Colby College in the state of Maine, USA with a BA while majoring in both economics and environmental policy. Since joining Eunomia in 2019, John has been involved in numerous projects which required advanced quantitative modelling of the economic and environmental benefits of various policy initiatives. John has modelled cost-benefit analysis, greenhouse gas emissions and detailed waste flow analyses. Much of John’s modelling work at Eunomia has centered around extended producer responsibility (EPR) and the introduction or modernization of deposit return systems (DRSs). Recently, he handled modelling work for the Colorado EPR Needs Assessment and is currently, leading on models included in the study which will inform the statewide Organics Management Plan (OMP 2.0).

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Reenee CasapullaReenee Casapulla
Foam Cycle Team Member
Speaking: June 5 th at “Plastics Recycling – It’s not Linear!” Session with Renegade Plastics

Recently retired as District Recycling Coordinator for Sussex County, New Jersey – a county owned landfill and recycling center. Reenee has a Master’s Degree from Montclair State University, SWANA and NRC recycling certifications, and specializes in conducting research to improve recycling access for municipal residents. Her “boots on the ground” work ethic has been beneficial in promoting Foam Cycle with training, community outreach and group presentations.

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Winn CowmanWinn Cowman
Sandhill Environmental Services, LLC, Founder
Speaking: June 5th during Accelerating Composting in Colorado, an overview of OMP 2.0.

With over twenty-five years of experience, Winn Cowman, founder of Sandhill Environmental Services LLC, is a trusted partner in circularity planning. Winn’s notable initiatives include Cowgirl Compost CO, a compost facility serving northwest Colorado founded by Winn in 2021, work on Circular Action Alliance’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Needs Assessment and CDPHE’s Organics Management Plan (OMP) 2.0, still in development. Other notable achievements include launching northwest Colorado’s first ever Yampa Valley Recycles Depot during her time serving as Waste Director for YVSC. Winn also led four regional waste diversion studies spanning thirteen Colorado counties while working with Souder, Miller and Associates. These initiatives helped local governments collaborate to make waste diversion accessible to rural Colorado, while collecting much needed data for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). 

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Jace DriverJace Driver
Waste Diversion Specialist, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Speaking: June 5th during Accelerating Composting in Colorado, an overview of OMP 2.0.

Jace Driver is a Waste Diversion Specialist at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and has ten years of experience in solid waste management. He is responsible for the registration and oversight of municipal solid waste recycling facilities, as well as the data collection and reporting for all waste diversion in the state. Additionally, he is the compost lead for the state, and provides guidance for prospective composters. Jace graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a degree in Environmental Science. In his free time, Jace enjoys skiing, hiking, biking, reading, and watching hockey. Go Avs!

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Lanny EllisLanny Ellis
Soil Microscopist

Speaking: June 5th during Assessing and Interpreting Compost Quality

Lanny Ellis moved to Colorado in 2013 and began studying horticulture and permaculture in 2015. He formed a non-profit called New Roots CO in 2017, whose mission is to support local, sustainable food systems through education, outreach and partnership. Now he works with The Ground Up to create microbe-rich compost and compost tea to enrich the soil food web in our local ecosystem. 

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Juri FreemanJuri Freeman
Managing Principal
Speaking: June 4th during Amplifying Reuse Systems in Colorado

Juri provides senior level subject matter expertise for resource management, recycling, and circular economy consulting services across North America. Juri leads the development and execution of innovative material recovery projects including end market acceleration, zero waste programming, packaging design, recovery, and recycling, organics management, and food waste recovery. 

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James GaspardJames Gaspard
CEO - Biochar Now LLC
Speaking: June 4th during Buildings Born Again: Bringing a Second Life to Building Material

James is Colorado’s own carbon cowboy who is leading the US and the world in sequestering carbon through biochar. Biochar increases the earth’s capacity to retain moisture, lower farmers’ dependence on herbicides and pesticides, sequester carbon in the ground, and help rebuild topsoil, a third of which has disappeared from the earth’s surface since the 1970s. James will detail his operations and the upcoming horizon for painted, stained, and treated lumber to create a carbon-negative biochar product which can benefit millions.

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Erin Girard

Erin Girard
Waste Diversion Outreach & Technical Specialist, CDPHE
Speaking: June 5th during CDPHE Workshop on Sustainable Behavior Change

Erin is a dedicated Waste Diversion Outreach & Technical Specialist at the Colorado Department of Public Health, leveraging her previous experience as a grant specialist with CDPHE. With a background in providing technical assistance to grantees for effective waste diversion project implementation, Erin now focuses on assisting local governments and businesses in Colorado to access resources for expanding services and enhancing circularity efforts. Her passion for sustainability is underscored by her prior work with the United Nations, where she implemented drought mitigation and disaster preparedness projects in the Pacific Islands. Erin has a Master’s degree in Environmental Health from the Colorado School of Public Health. 

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Becky Goyton

Becky Goyton
Circular Economy Specialist, Denver Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency

Speaking: June 4th during Amplifying Reuse Systems in Colorado

Becky Goyton brings 20 years of experience in project management and environmental education to the Zero Waste and Circular Economy team within Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency. She works on policy and program development to meet the city’s waste diversion and climate goals and advance Denver's circular economy. She is passionate about stopping waste before it starts and finding ways for the city to support reuse, repair, and rental solutions. Becky has previously worked in various government entities, including San Francisco’s Department of the Environment and Denver’s Solid Waste Management Division. 

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Joel HeilmanJoel Heilman
Director, Global Circularity and Plastics Policy at LyondellBasell
Speaking: June 5th during Circular Plastics

Joel Heilman leads the development and implementation of public policy on circularity and plastics at LyondellBasell, with a strong focus on U.S. and international policy. He also represents LyondellBasell on a variety of policy and advocacy leadership committees at the American Chemistry Council, the Plastics Industry Association, and the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA). As a member of the ICCA Plastics Leadership Group, Joel leads LyondellBasell advocacy on the United Nations Global Plastics Agreement.

During his more than 25 years at LyondellBasell, Joel has served in a variety of roles in policy development, government relations, marketing, business development and R&D. He is a graduate of Wake Forest University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry. 

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Chris HerrChris Herr
Director of Sustainability
Speaking: June 4th during Auraria Campus Compost Operations

With over 10 years of experience in student affairs and campus sustainability, Chris brings a strong commitment to advancing equity and inclusion along with his expertise in sustainability strategy, project management and stakeholder engagement. Serving as the Director of Sustainability for the Auraria Campus for the past 7 years, Chris has led the team responsible for planning and executing all campus-wide sustainability initiatives. During his tenure, he established ambitious emissions reductions goals and delivered collaborative solutions, achieving significant progress in areas such as carbon emissions reduction, waste diversion, and engagement with the campus community. One of the most relevant and recent projects to Recycle Colorado is expansion into the compost and organics recycling space. In the past year, the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program has purchased an in-vessel composting unit and hired the staff necessary for providing full-service organics hauling and recycling on-site. Our goal is to close the loop on the organics stream while saving the institutions money and creating an alternative revenue stream for our student fee-funded program.

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Eric Heyboer

Eric Heyboer
Assistant Director, Circular Colorado
Speaking: June 5th during Ensuring Workforce Development for a Circular Economy

Eric currently serves as the Assistant Director of the Circular Economy Development Center, a state program administered by the nonprofit Circular Colorado. He started his career packing paints and chemicals into drums at the Boulder County Household Hazardous Waste Facility. He eventually transitioned into a role that helped implement and administer a comprehensive zero waste program for Boulder County offices. For nearly a decade, Eric served as a grants administrator for the Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity grant program at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. During his tenure, he served two terms on the Recycle Colorado Board of Directors. After a three year stint as a US Department of Energy contractor, Eric returned to his roots in recycling, waste reduction, and infrastructure development serving.

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Iona HortonIona Horton
Senior Environmental Consultant & Project Manager, Eunomia Research & Consulting
Speaking: June 5th during Accelerating Composting in Colorado: An Overview of OMP 2.0

Iona has been working as circular economy consultant with Eunomia since 2017 when she finished her Masters in Earth Sciences at Oxford University. Iona specializes in stakeholder engagement and led the workshops with members of the organics waste management value chain in Colorado for the Organics Management Plan (OMP 2.0) study. Recently Iona's projects have involved assessing the policy and infrastructure needed in the US and Canada for plastics, bioplastics, and organics waste management.

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Curran Hughes

Curran Hughes
President Renegade Plastics
Speaking: June 5 th at “Plastics Recycling – It’s not Linear!” Session with Foam Cycle

Having started his career in agriculture, Curran became intimate with the damaging effect that plastics can have on the environment and people's health. Determined to make a difference, Curran co-founded Renegade Plastics to address the plastic problem by building a circular and more sustainable economy for plastics coated fabrics; an overlooked part of the plastic problem, but one that is causing immense environmental damage.

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Meghan IbachMeghan Ibach
Product & Zero Waste Specialist, Eco-Products
Speaking: June 4th during CIRC - EcoProduct's Contamination Mitigation Tool (Controls Intended to Remove Contamination)

Meghan Ibach has been working in sustainable operations since 2011 and has a deep understanding of waste systems. As the Product and Zero Waste Specialist for Eco Products, she works with customers in the southwest and Rockies to keep as much material out of the landfill while connecting with compost manufacturers to support acceptance of certified compostables. She’s always looking for more solutions and collaborations to make the world a cleaner, better place. 

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Melissa JungMelissa Jung
Reuse Networks Manager, Upstream

Speaking: June 4th during Amplifying Reuse Systems in Colorado

Melissa has been involved in sustainability work for the past 10 years with a foundation in plastic pollution science research and environmental advocacy. Melissa now leads Upstream’s Reuse Solution Network, engaging NGOs, entrepreneurs, local organizations, community leaders, and governments across the US and Canada. She focuses her time on supporting stakeholders through the education and adoption of reuse systems. She is excited about bringing more reuse to the Phoenix area while enjoying all the outdoors that Arizona has to offer. 

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Liz KuhnLiz Kuhn
Waste Diversion Outreach & Technical Specialist, CDPHE
Speaking: June 5th during CDPHE Workshop on Sustainable Behavior Change

Liz Kuhn is a Waste Diversion Outreach & Technical Specialist at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), where she focuses on supporting communities and businesses in adopting waste diversion strategies. With a background as a contract monitor on CDPHE's Waste Diversion Grants Team, Liz has a deep understanding of grant processes. She graduated in 2022 with a degree in Geography and Environmental Sciences, and she is passionate about creating a sustainable and equitable circular economy. 

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Megan LaneMegan Lane
Senior Manager of Circularity and Public Affairs, Ball Corporation 
Speaking: June 5th Keynote, Reporting on the State of Recycling

 Megan Lane is a seasoned leader in circularity, recycling, and policy advancement, currently serving as Senior Manager of Circularity & Public Affairs at Ball Corporation. With over twelve years of experience in sustainable materials management and policy advancement, Megan joined Ball in 2021 to spearhead comprehensive strategies for advancing aluminum recycling and circularity. Her role involves leading Ball’s recycling policy strategy, fostering industry collaboration, and driving thought leadership to promote circular economies.

Prior to joining Ball, Megan held influential roles at the City and County of Denver, where she led initiatives in recycling program management, strategic planning, policy development, and coalition building. Notably, Megan also served as President of the Board of Directors for Recycle Colorado, championing sustainable practices statewide.

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Lindsay Law
Chief Administrative Officer
Speaking: June 4th during Buildings Born Again: Bringing a Second Life to Building Material

Northern Colorado Entrepreneurs diversify to create a local scrap lumber circular economy. Colorado Stud Company is a unique northern Colorado company that utilizes manufacturing equipment to create premium studs from scrap lumber. These recycled studs are used locally as building materials for construction sites. Launching into full operation in August 2023, Colorado Stud Company is saving an estimated 69,000 trees this year with its methods of recycling wood. Lindsay and the Colorado Stud Company are a 2024 Colorado NextCycle participant.

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Will LepryWill Lepry
Director, Colorado Mass Timber Coalition
Speaking: June 4th during Buildings Born Again: Bringing a Second Life to Building Material

Will Lepry is the newly appointed Director of the Colorado Mass Timber Coalition where he leads over 60 member organizations to help foster partnerships, advocate for policy changes that support mass timber adoption, and promote awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of timber construction. He has a background in materials engineering and management consulting. 

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Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis
Director of Municipal Partnerships
Speaking: June 5th during AI at Facility Scale: Powering the Next Generation of Material Recovery 

Scott Lewis is Director of Municipal Partnerships for AMP, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered sortation at scale for the waste and recycling industry. In this role, he works with government entities to meet ambitious diversion goals. Prior to AMP, Lewis spent 10 years at Waste Management (WM), most recently as an Area Public Sector Manager. He also served as a Centralized Organics Recycling (CORe) Facility Manager and Marketing Manager during his tenure at WM. Lewis holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Business and Economics and a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Rutgers University. 

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Dan MatschDan Matsch
Compost Dept. Director, Eco-Cycle
Speaking: June 5th during Accelerating Composting in Colorado, an overview of OMP 2.0.

Dan has worked in recycling, composting, and organic farming since 1982. His Zero Waste focus looks to marry these interests to maintain the highest value of our resources through creating local circular economies. Dan spearheads Eco-Cycle’s focus on utilizing organic waste and other resources in a local and global effort to restore healthy soil and sequester carbon. Dan serves as co-chair of the Colorado Composting Council and previously directed Eco-Cycle’s Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials (CHaRM). Eco-Cycle is a non-profit zero waste company founded in 1976 that provides recyclables processing and commercial food waste collections for Boulder County, Colorado, and Zero Waste planning advice for the world.

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Mariane Maximous

Mariane Maximous
VP, Feedstocks & Mechanical Recycling– Circularity & Low Carbon Solutions at LyondellBasell
Speaking: June 5th during Circular Plastics

Mariane is a seasoned professional who has more than 22 years of experience in the chemical industry. She currently leads the Feedstock and Mechanical Recycling team, driving several business development opportunities and industry collaboration efforts to achieve LYB’s North America circularity goals. 

Prior to this role and returning to LYB in early 2023, Mariane led the global ethylene and methanol procurement team at Celanese, where she expanded their global relationship with strategic suppliers. 

Mariane started her career in 2001 as a process engineer with ExxonMobil in Beaumont Olefins & Aromatics plant. She joined LyondellBasell in 2005 at the Channelview Olefins site as a cracker engineer, and has held other roles at LYB spanning across Olefins and I&D Operations planning & Optimization, Finance, Investor Relations, Strategy & Planning and various commercial roles in the Polyolefins business units. 

Mariane holds B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, a MBA with concentration in finance and international business from University of Houston, and a Global Management Academy certificate from Harvard Business School. 

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Rylee McConeRylee McCone
Sustainability Manager, Auraria Sustainable Campus Program, Auraria Higher Education Center
Speaking: June 4th during Auraria Campus Compost Operations

Rylee is the Sustainability Manager for the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program. With degrees in Environment-Society Relations and Studio Art, she graduated from CU Boulder and pursued her interest in events waste diversion. After working in waste management for large events, Rylee was hired as the Waste Diversion Specialist for the Auraria Campus in 2021. In this position, she implemented and built upon recycling programs and composting infrastructure. In July of 2022, Rylee collaborated on the inception of the Auraria Compost Operations program and has worked with her team since then to see the program through to its fruition. Rylee envisions a successful compost operation for the campus that can serve as a blue-print for other campuses looking to use in-vessel composting units for their own organics recycling. She hopes that this project will pave the way for others like it and will open doors for a closed-loop organics system that allows for increased diversion rates and further opportunities for innovative waste management and reduction across campus. 

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Calla Rose OstranderCalla Rose Ostrander
Managing Partner at Terra Regenerative Capital
Speaking: June 5th during Compost Use Strategies

Calla Rose Ostrander was born in Tucson, Arizona and grew up outside of Boulder, Colorado. She attended Waldorf school K-12 and graduated from University of Puget Sound with a BA in International Political Economy. After graduation, Calla Rose worked for the ecological economic consulting firm, Earth Economics and Rocky Mountain Institute before going to work in climate change policy local government. She was the lead author on Climate Action Plans for both Aspen Colorado and San Francisco California. Since 2014 she has worked with non-profits, scientists, and local and state governments to advance the field of regenerative agriculture with a primary focus on compost. In 2017 she helped pass California Senate Bill 1383, a landmark bill banning organic materials from landfills, and from 2019-2021 she consulted with the State of California on integrating Nature Based Climate Solutions into state climate policy. She currently works to support community compost at the not-for-profit People, Food & Land Foundation and is the Co-Founder of Terra Regenerative Capital, an impact investment fund that invests in the regenerative agriculture supply chains. She resides in Paonia CO so she can see the stars at night.

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Darcy OwensDarcy Owens, SPHR
Workforce Development Manager, NWCCOG Energy Program
Speaking: June 5th during Ensuring Workforce Development for a Circular Economy

Darcy is on the front line recruiting and staffing hard-to-fill green jobs that make a difference for people and the environment. Like you, she knows it can be hard to find and keep dedicated and hardworking employees to implement this important work, especially in high-cost-of-living areas. Every day, Darcy blends old-school techniques with fresh new tactics to help crew leaders attract, retain, and train installers and retrofit technicians who provide weatherization and energy efficiency improvements in homes throughout Northwest Colorado. Previously, Darcy taught training and development and human resources courses for over a decade at Colorado Mountain College. She also worked for Colorado as an Employment Specialist where she supported employers in every type of industry as they worked to build their teams. While serving in the Office of Economic Development & International Trade, Darcy supported the Energy, Outdoor Recreation, and Agriculture industries and specialized in helping rural Colorado communities with at-risk economies. Although she has 20 years of workforce and HR experience, Darcy knows to compete for talent, it's critical to continually update her understanding of what motivates employees today and to experiment with new tools and techniques for finding and building the workforce of the future.

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Ashwin RamdasAshwin Ramdas
Chief Technology Officer, DeliverZero
Speaking: June 4th during Amplifying Reuse Systems in Colorado

Ashwin has worked in the circular economy space for the past 6 years, specifically on creating technology that can make reusable systems easier to use and that can seamlessly integrate with modern conveniences. Ashwin founded the first zero-waste grocery service in Colorado called Infinity Goods in 2018, before founding Repeater PBC, a reusable takeout container service that later got acquired by DeliverZero. Ashwin now serves as CTO of DeliverZero and is in charge of building tech to scale reuse systems.

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Bailey RobinBailey L. Robin
CEO, Matium Inc.
Speaking: June 5th during Recycling Innovation Session

Bailey graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S.E. in Industrial and Operations Engineering with a focus on computer science, lean manufacturing, and data simulation. Upon graduating, he joined BA/CH Polymers and became a top-5 US plastics trader profiting from the waste and opacity of commodity markets. Knowing that data was essential to eliminating redundancy and waste, Bailey recognized the solution must be the industry itself operating on a collaborative and competitive infrastructure, Matium. He is now dedicating his career to increasing the efficiency of material supply chains to help humans create a more sustainable future.

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Rachel Roussel-DiamondRachel Roussel-Diamond
Environmental Health & Sustainability Policy Manager at CDPHE
Speaking: June 5th during An Introduction to Colorado Circular Communities Enterprise Legislation

Rachel Roussel-Diamond brings over 22 years of experience in sustainability work ranging from ambient air quality monitoring and Greening Government, to coordinating CDPHE's Supplemental Environmental Project program and more recently, managing the department's Sustainability Programs. Rachel recently transitioned to a new role as the Policy Manager for CDPHE's Division of Environmental Health and Sustainability where she partners with division and department leadership, local, state, and federal partners, as well as industry and community-based organizations. With a deep understanding of policy development and stakeholder engagement, Rachel helps advance Colorado's environmental health & sustainability policy approach, priorities, strategies, and processes while fostering strong relationships with stakeholders and communities.

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David R. SeeligDavid R. Seelig
Chief Operations Officer, Direct Polymers
Speaking: June 5th during Recycling 
Innovation Session

David brings over 13 years of experience in recycling and waste management and has devoted the majority of his professional career to helping customers and suppliers alike reach their sustainability goals. 

Until recently taking over as COO of Direct Polymers, he was General Manager for Federal Recycling in Denver for the past six years. During that time, the Denver plant has grown by 40% (year-over-year volume) while diversifying into plastics, foam, and other materials. His experience includes overseeing Operations, Business Development and Analysis, National Accounts and Brokerage.

David looks forward to helping to perpetuate new ways to further our client's sustainability goals while helping to build critical recycling infrastructure in anticipation of EPR to help to drive a true circular economy

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Robb Sommerfeld

Robb Sommerfeld
Executive Director National Center for Craftsmanship 
Speaking: June 5th during Building a Sustainable Workforce: Training Initiatives in Construction and Deconstruction

Robb actively advocates for trade skills, enlightening students about alternative career paths beyond traditional college tracks. His background in educarion, manufacturing and construction helps him play a vital role in spreading the goals of NCC across northern Colorado. 

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Justin StockdaleJustin Stockdale
Director of CHaRM and Zero Waste Hauling, Eco-Cycle, Inc.
Speaking: June 4th during Drop Off Recycling Centers…the Gateway Drug to Hard to Recycle Materials

Justin first dove into the dumpster in 1998 at the Summit Recycling Project in the mountains of Colorado. In 2000 he moved south to New Mexico where he led both nonprofit and government-owned recycling and composting efforts. 

In 2013 joined the Pennsylvania Resources Council as the Western Regional Director. There he led programs including a series of recycling collection events to recover challenging and toxic materials from households, policy initiatives to improve and expand waste diversion systems locally and statewide, as well as a broad range of education programs targeting every age group. Justin was appointed the Managing Director of PRC in 2019. 

Justin came “home” to Colorado joining Eco-Cycle as the Director of CHaRM and Zero Waste Hauling in the fall of 2020. Justin brings his more than 20 years of experience developing circular strategies back to where he started.

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Robbie TepperbergRobbie Tepperberg
Compost Operations Manager
Speaking: June 4th during Auraria Campus Compost Operations

Robbie Tepperberg serves as the Compost Operation Manager for the Auraria Campus, where he oversees compost diversion efforts across its 150-acre campus and three higher education institutions: Metropolitan State University, University of Colorado Denver, and Community College of Denver. In his role, Robbie focuses on hauling, sorting, and processing of organic materials, and is currently spearheading the implementation of a brand new in-vessel compost unit, aiming to meet the campus's waste diversion goals. He is passionate about creating awareness around composting and educating students, faculty, and staff about the numerous benefits that compost provides for soil health and fostering circularity.

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Dylan de ThomasDylan de Thomas
VP of Public Policy & Government Affairs, The Recycling Partnership
Speaking: June 5th Keynote, Reporting on the State of Recycling

Dylan de Thomas leads state policy work at The Recycling Partnership, and supporting policy development and advocacy strategy for the organization. While at the Partnership, Dylan has worked across the organization, serving as a recycling system stakeholder representative, working to communicate, collaborate and find consensus on complex issues surrounding unlocking the circular economy. Dylan is also active around recycling policy implementation in his home state of Oregon, having chaired the state's Truth In Labeling Task Force and is currently serving on the state's Recycling Advisory Council as it works to advise the implementation of Oregon's EPR law, the Recycling Modernization Act. Previous to joining the Partnership, Dylan worked for Resource Recycling for a decade, directing and producing content for three publications and three conferences covering different aspects of the recycling industry. 

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Christi Turner

Christi Turner
Founder & CEO, Scraps

Speaking: June 4th during CIRC - EcoProduct's Contamination Mitigation Tool (Controls Intended to Remove Contamination)

Christi is founder and CEO of Scraps. Before ever imagining starting a small business, Christi spent seven years in Madagascar partnering with communities to create appropriate solutions to local sustainability challenges; then, in a pivot from international development she came to Colorado to pursue a masters in environmental journalism and connect with sustainability & climate issues through a different lens. Not satisfied with a communications and journalism career, and frustrated with the lack of action on what seemed like a solvable problem, Christi launched Scraps in 2017 as a means to pilot a simple, bike-based compost pickup service to Denver’s underserved downtown community. In the seven years since, Scraps has grown to serve nearly 5000 commercial & residential members throughout the Denver Metro, diverted more than 5 million pounds of material, and become one of the most recognized organics haulers on Colorado’s Front Range. Scraps remains devoted to increasing access to composting, raising awareness of its benefits and helping make composting the norm in Colorado. Christi lives on a small homestead in Arvada, CO with two dogs and 30+ rescue animals. If she’s not talking trash, she’s probably hiking, rafting, cooking for friends or running around with her goats.

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Dana VilleneuveDana Villeneuve
Government Affairs Program Manager, New Belgium Brewing
Speaking: June 5th Keynote, Reporting on the State of Recycling

Dana Villeneuve leads up Government Affairs at New Belgium Brewing, where she is responsible for developing and executing New Belgium’s impact advocacy strategies, leveraging public policy in pursuit of climate action & science-based emissions reductions, watershed health & regenerative agriculture, doing right by people, and supporting a vibrant brewing industry. Dana has more than 20 years of experience working in sustainability and advocacy, and has been with New Belgium for over a decade. She proudly serves on the Board of Directors for the Conservation Alliance, and also represents New Belgium at associations across the company’s value chain working on decarbonization including container recycling, clean energy, and malting barley collaboratives. 

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Aschley YandaAschley Yanda
Director of Sales, Urban Machine
Speaking: June 4th during Buildings Born Again: Bringing a Second Life to Building Material

Aschley Yanda is the Director of Sales for Urban Machine, a company that's building robots to reclaim wood from construction and demolition to reuse as premium lumber. She is an accomplished sales executive with a background in entrepreneurship and business development and has generated revenue from the ground up for multiple organizations. A lifelong advocate for environmental sustainability and animal welfare, she currently sits on the Board of Directors of City Goats in San Francisco. She holds a BS in Sociology from Northern Arizona University and a Graduate Certificate in Interior Design from Parsons School of Design. Aschley is an outspoken proponent of the importance of circularity within the built environment and enjoys working beside her devoted team to give reclaimed lumber a second life.

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Erin Young

Erin Young
Employer Coach - Colorado Workforce Development Council 
Speaking: June 5th during Ensuring Workforce Development for a Circular Economy

Erin Young is the Employer Coach with the Colorado Workforce Development Council. Her focus is to increase job quality and equity in the Colorado workforce ecosystem, providing technical assistance to individual businesses, chambers of commerce, and state agencies to enhance the economic resiliency of businesses and workers.

Ms. Young is also the owner and founder of Red Buffalo Coffee and Tea in Silverthorne Colorado and author of The CEOwner: An Entrepreneur's Checklist for Starting and Succeeding in Small Business. 

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