The Recycle Colorado Policy Committee works on local and state policy to advance waste diversion through reuse/remanufacturing and composting.

Chair: Randy Moorman, Eco-Cycle
Vice Chair: Jenifer Freeman, Swire Coca-Cola
Vice Chair: Brandy Moe, Greensheen Paint
Recorder: Ryan Call, Eco-Cycle
Board Liaison: Alicia Archibald, Kessler Consulting

HB22-1355, Producer Responsibility Bill Updates

The FAQ Producer Responsibility Page is now available and can be found on CDPHE's Website linked below. Scroll down to find "Frequently asked questions and answers- Producer Responsibility Program" under the documents list.

For updates from CDPHE on the implementation phase of the producer responsibility program, please sign up by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject line "producer responsibility contact list." 

Find the initial implementation timeline and additional information at https://cdphe.colorado.gov/hm/producer-responsibility-program

SIGNED by Governor Jared Polis!

Producer Responsibility was able to make it out of the House and Senate, and was signed by Governor Polis on June 3rd in Evergreen, CO. Our team, along side many members of the waste and recycling industry, were there to witness this special occasion. Governor Polis also signed HB22-1159, Waste Diversion & Circular Economy, and HB22-1345, Perfluoroalkyl & Polyfluoroalkyl Chemicals. The Winners of the Recycle Colorado Poster Contest and their families were invited to attend the bill signing event. First Gentlemen, Marlon Reis, announced every winner, their grade and school.

A Statement from our Board President, Charles Kamenides on the Bill's passing:

Well, everyone, it came down to the last day of the legislative. session, but I am thrilled to report that HB22-1355 Producer Responsibility for Recycling has PASSED out of the Legislature and is on its way to the Governor for signature. It passed the Senate 21-14 and the House 40-25 on final passage. This. Is. Huge. It is the first of its kind policy in the US and will be a model that other states will look to as they contemplate their own approaches.

This was truly a huge collective effort by a coalition of very broad stakeholders that all had a critical part to play. Every one of us contributed to the success of this campaign and words can’t express how grateful I am to each and every one of you who contributed. Needless to say, I’m so proud of the work of this organization (our collective team) to get this enormous achievement done. 

We are working on a press release and you’ll see reports in the news over the next few days. We will keep you posted on bill signing, etc. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions.  

Special Kudos to Randy Moorman and Jenifer Freeman for leading this effort on our behalf!!
Job Well-Done Recycle Colorado!

Charles Kamenides
Recycle Colorado Board President

Learn More About Producer Responsibility On Our Website https://www.recyclingforallcoloradans.org

Producer Responsibility Bill Documents

Summary of Bill Revisions, 5/10/2022
Summary of Bill Revisions, 5/5/2022
Summary of Bill Revisions After Second Reading
Explanation of Added Amendments to the Producer Responsibility Bill
, 4/13/2022
Summary of Bill Revisions, 2/21/2022 to 3/28/2022

March 28th Draft of Producer Responsibility Bill
Summary of Bill Revisions, 01/13/2022 to 2/21/2022
First Draft of Producer Responsibility Bill

Preliminary Bill Language for Producer Responsibility Bill (Submitted to Legislative Service Drafters)

Recycle Colorado's Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Policy Recommendations

Producer Responsibility Informational Documents

Producer Responsibility Fact Sheet
How Local Governments will benefit and be impacted by Producer Responsibility
How Businesses would benefit and be impacted by Producer Responsibility
How Producer Responsibility Will Work in Colorado
Producer Responsibility Key Talking Points

Articles on Producer Responsibility

Exert in the Denver Post
Article from the Colorado Sun
Producer Responsibility Support from the City of Aspen

2022 Legislative Session

The 2022 Legislative Session is currently in progress. To learn how you get involved, see above. To learn more the bills we are actively following, see below.

If you are interested in more closely tracking the status of on-going legislation in Colorado, link to the General Assembly website www.leg.colorado.gov. From there you can also link to Colorado house and senate member directories. Find out who your representatives are with Find My Legislator.

Bills of Interest

  • HB22-1355 - Producer Responsibility Program for Recycling- PASSED
  • HB22-1159 - Waste Diversion and Circular Economy Center- PASSED
  • HB22-1025 - Repeal of Infrequently Used Tax Expenditures-PASSED
  • HB22-1031 - Consumer Right to Repair Powered Wheelchairs- PASSED

Recycle Colorado Policy Documents

Recycle Colorado State and Local Policy Framework
Presentation on the Plastics Pollution Reduction Act
How Producer Responsibility Will Support Circular Economies

Historical Fact Sheets

Develop A Statewide Organics Management Plan
Incentivize Development of Recycling End Markets
Front Range Waste Diversion Act 
Manufacturing Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Recyclers 
Architectural Paint Stewardship Program 
Electronic Devices Banned from Landfills 

Grants and Rebates

The Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity (RREO) program, established by the Colorado state legislature in 2007, provides funding that promotes economic development through the management of materials that would otherwise be landfilled. Funds are available to support recycling, composting, anaerobic digestion, source reduction, and beneficial use/reuse.

The Front Range Waste Diversion (FRWD) program and enterprise fund was approved by the Colorado state legislature in 2019, and collects funds from an increase in user fees at Front Range landfill to provide grants and technical assistance to Front Range communities to increase recycling, composting, and waste reduction.

Sector representatives are Recycle Colorado members’ link to the Policy Committee

Members with questions about the Policy Committee or current legislation can contact their respective Policy Committee sector representative.

Non-Profit - Front Range: Randy Moorman, Eco-Cycle
Non-Profit - Rural: Sarah Jones, Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp.
Recycler - Rural: Reva Phillips, Southeast and East Central Recycling
Consultant - Statewide: Lisa Skumatz, SERA, Inc.
Citizen: Jonathan Greenspan
Hauler - Front Range: Neil Noble, Republic Services
Hauler - Rural: Alyssa Reindel, EverGreen Zero Waste
Recycler - Statewide: Brandy Moe, PaintCare
Small Business - Rural: Monique DiGiorgio, Table to Farm Compost
Local Government - Rural: Kris Holstrom, San Miguel County
Government - Front Range: Charlotte Pitt, City and County of Denver
Government - Front Range: Jonathan Wachtel, City of Lakewood
Non-recycling Business - Statewide: David Fridland, EcoProducts, PBC
Local Government/Landfill - Rural: Matt Chrisp, Logan County