Round Tables

Recycle Colorado uses round tables as a method to convene stakeholders on regional and topical issues for the purpose of advancing infrastructure, end markets and state and local policies in waste reduction, recovery and diversion. Round tables are the first step in exploring the establishment of councils and working groups that take on tangible, actionable and measurable projects over the course of a 12-month period. They consist of:

  • A two-hour discussion led by a Recycle Colorado facilitator
  • Participation of subject-matter experts to provide data, expertise and case studies
  • Attendees representing a systemic blend of interested stakeholders and sectors
  • Identify two to three major obstacles in advancing infrastructure, end markets or policy to promote a circular economy
  • Result in one task or project that can be accomplished in 12 months that will make a measureable impact.

Roundtable Discussions

Compost Contamination within the Front Range

The front range is currently struggling to send clean, uncontaminated compost to facilities like A1 Organics. Recycle Colorado has convened stakeholders to help tackle this problem and find solutions. Meetings have been broken down into the following subject areas to help address each area of concern. 

  • Residential 
  • Commercial & Institutional
  • Infrastructure and Processes

From these meetings, Recycle Colorado, along with the support of those who have participated, have successfully worked with A1 to ensure proper education and language around the problem and solutions is distributed. You can read A1's response to the issue that will be implemented April 1st, and view the new composting guidelines and resources that Eco-Cycle has worked with A1 to create. Thank you all for your contributions to this roundtable.