2020 Annual Meeting is Concluded

 Eligible members received their email ballots for the Board of Directors election October 21. Voting deadline is November 6.

Get to know Recycle Colorado, meet the candidates for the Board of Directors and participate in a strategic planning session. Your voice is important.

October 14 , 2020

This year's virtual Annual Meeting is Wednesday, October 14, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.


9:00 AM  State of Recycle Colorado

9:45 AM  Meet the Candidates for the Board of Directors

10:30 AM  Strategic Planning Session
Interactive Strategy Rooms: (25 mins each)

  • Business ROI: Kristin Kim & Charlie Kamenides
    As a member-driven organization, we remain steadfast in finding ways to bring value to you. What got you to join? Is it our policy efforts, our networking opportunities throughout the state, our pilot program rollouts, or something else? What would get you to join, or increase your partnership level? Do you anticipate a change/shift in what will bring value to your membership in the upcoming year(s)?
  • Engagement & Inclusion: Laura Levesque & Ally Palmer
    How do we best represent you? We are the premier recycling organization for the entire state. Our membership diversity, be it location, industry, business entity, and other unique factors, are what makes Recycle Colorado strong. Your voices are heard, and we want to hear them even louder, so strategize with us about the best ways to be engaging, inclusive and equitable in our operations as we grow.
  • Future Outlook: Amy Randell & Brandy Moe
    Let's talk about the opportunities or challenges on the horizon for you. What strategic partnerships can you identify that could strengthen our industry, organization and membership base? Will technology and the virtual realm play a greater role in your business? How will our workforce evolve as material streams change and end markets develop?


Free for members and non-members.


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