2024 Lobby Day Volunteer Resources

Thank you for volunteering to support Recycle Colorado on Lobby Day. We are so glad you are here!
This page will have all the Lobby Day resources that you need for the day. Since there is a ton to cover, you can use the buttons below to navigate to the resource on this page that you need. If you ever lose this webpage, you will be provided with a QR code that has all of this information on it to access it again. 

If you have questions, need help, or are lost throughout the day, please contact someone below.
Liz Chapman, RC Executive Director | 720-839-9531
Ally Byzewski, RC Operations Coordinator | 701-213-3131
Randy Moorman, RC Policy Committee Chair | 303-720-5255
Brandy Moe, RC Policy Committee Vice-Chair | 701-610-9559
Jenifer Freeman, RC Policy Committee Vice-Chair | 303-721-8500

Why Lobby?
2024 Recycle Colorado Legislative Priorities
Policy One-Pagers
Lobby Day Instructions
Legislator Profiles
Lobby Day Script
Legislative schedule for February 27th
Map of Colorado Capital

2024 Lobby Day Agenda

February 27th, 2024
| Lincoln Center Building Meeting Room - Check In, Breakfast & Welcome
7:30am-8:50am | Lincoln Center Building Meeting Room - Lobby Day Training
9:00am-12:00pm | Colorado Capital - Lobbying at the Capital
12:00pm-1:00pm | Lincoln Center Building Meeting Room - Lunch & Training for new lobbyists
1:00pm-3:30pm | Colorado Capital-  Lobbying at the Capital
4:00pm-6:00pmLincoln Center Building Lobby - Legislative Reception
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Why Lobby?

  1. Develop relationships with legislators
  2. Introduce legislators to Recycle Colorado - build our political capital and influence
    1. RC has hosted Lobby Days since 2016
  3. Educate legislators on our issues
    1. Colorado is one of the worst states at recycling - Colorado’s rate is 16% and the National average is 34%
  4. Acquire commitments from legislators on specific bills
    1. Support for implementation of Producer Responsibility Act passed last year (HB22-1355)
  5. Determine support and opposition

To be an effective citizen lobbyist:

  1. Understand the legislative process
  2. Know at what points in the process we can have a voice
  3. Prioritize our issues and bills to maximize our impacts
  4. Speak with one voice to be more effective
  5. Follow the 50/50 rule - Give them time to talk! Go in to learn more than to explain

Legislative Process

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Recycle Colorado's 2024 Legislative Priorities

  1. Promote the implementation of the Producer Responsibility Act of 2022 (HB22-1355). The Producer Responsibility Act passed in 2022 was only the third law passed of its kind in the US that will fund recycling through a producer run system. This landmark legislation will ensure that in 2026 and beyond all residents will receive recycling services for all consumer-facing packaging and paper. Companies that sell printed paper, cardboard, metal, glass, and plastic packaging into the state will be required to pay for a statewide recycling system that will be administered by a producer-run nonprofit, known as a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO), supported by an advisory board, and overseen by CDPHE. The PRO will collect and manage producer funds and reimburse public and private service providers for collecting and processing recyclables. The goal is to ensure that every Coloradan will have convenient recycling that is just as easy as their trash service. Circular Action Alliance, Colorado’s PRO, contracted HDR Engineering, Inc. and Eunomia Research & Consulting, Inc. to independently collect and analyze the data required to develop a Needs Assessment that will need approval by the Joint Budget Committee. The Needs Assessment includes three future recycling service scenarios, based on the cost and performance of the current system and potential for improvement. The three scenarios proposed in the Needs Assessment outline recycling and collection rates that the State can meet by 2030 and 2035, as well as the operating and capital costs to reach each scenario. Following a public comment period, CDPHE will select one scenario to recommend to the Joint Budget Committee of the Colorado Legislature for approval.
  2. The Waste Tire Management Enterprise (SB24-123) is a bill to renew the waste tire fee in order to fund rebates, illegal tire cleanups, and CDPHE regulatory activities through 2040. This bill proposes to distribute the fee to CDPHE to use in their waste tire program and to a new enterprise fund which will administer the rebates, fund illegal clean-ups (in coordination with CDPHE), and distribute grant funds. This allows a new Board composed of experts in waste tire management and sustainability, along with local government officials, to work together to promote the recycling and responsible handling of waste tires, while also allowing CDPHE to continue its regulatory work.
  3. The Circular Communities Enterprise Fund (C3E) is a bill presented by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). This bill would combine two of Colorado's waste diversion grant program funds into one enterprise fund. The combination of the Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity Program (RREO) & the Front Range Waste Diversion Program (FRWD) would establish the Colorado Circular Communities Enterprise Fund. This bill would also make updates to the Pollution Prevention Act of 1992 to improve CDPHE sustainability services.

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Policy One Pagers

Producer Responsibility Lobby Day Waste Tire One-PagerC3E Position Paper

Handout for Legislators

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2024 Lobby Day Instructions

  1. Groups: You will be assigned a group of about five people. Each group has a captain who has participated previously. Be sure to exchange phone numbers with everyone in your group in case you need to contact each other.

  2. Appointments: Each group will have a list of appointments with times, building & office numbers, & contacts for each office (in case your appointment gets canceled, changed or you are running late)

Offices are located:

  • Capitol Building 2nd and 3rd Floors
  • 1525 Sherman Street - North of Colfar across from the Capitol 
  • Legislative Services Building - 200 E. 14 Ave. Top floor for Joint Budget Committee offices
  1. Non-Appointment Meetings: In addition to scheduled appointments, you will have a list of legislators you will have to find and talk to (legislators we couldn't schedule a meeting with). The two best times to try to find legislators are when they are on the floor in the either the Senate or the Chamber in the morning or when they are in committees in the afternoon.

  • Morning Instructions: You may want to split in half, some go to the Senate lobby and the other half go to the House lobby on the second floor of the Capitol. IF the Senate or House is not doing Third Readings, they will accept business cards to call legislators out into the lobby. You will know if there is a sign posted on the chamber doors that says NO CARDS that they are doing Third Readings.

    • If there isn't a sign saying NO CARDS, you can write on the back of your business card the name of the legislator you want to speak with and a short note like "I would like to speak to you about our tire bill.”

    • Hand your card to one of the Sergeant at Arms standing at the chamber doors (they either have green or red jackets). The Sergeant at Arms will take the card into the chamber and deliver it to the legislator.

    • You will have to wait in the lobby for the legislator. You will have a very short time to speak to them, so be quick! Make sure you get to your ask and give them the packet of information.

  • Afternoon Instructions: Similarly, in the afternoon, if you are looking for a legislator who is in a committee meeting, you will find the Sergeant at Arms and hand your card to them and wait outside of the committee room for the legislator to come out.

4. Captains: Be sure to fill out the lobby reports for each meeting and give them to either Randy or Brandy at the end of the day.

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Lobby Day Script

  1. LEADER - Welcome

    1. Thank Legislator/Staff Person for the meeting and anything else the legislator has done/supported (e.g. Sen. Cutter, Sen. Priola and Sen. Gonzales for sponsoring Producer Responsibility in 2022, Sen. Cutter and Rep. Joseph and Rep. Kipp for sponsoring the Organics Management Plan bill last year SB23-191). Congratulate new legislators on being elected.

    2. Introduce Recycle Colorado - establish your credentials: Recycle Colorado is a statewide nonprofit organization working to advance infrastructure, end markets, and state and local policies in waste reduction, recovery and diversion. We have more than 300 members from across the state, from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

  2. EVERYONE - Introductions

    1. Introduce yourselves - where you live/where you work/what you do and if you are a constituent

  3. LEADER - State the topic of the meeting

    1. We are here today to talk to legislators like yourself about how important recycling, composting, reuse, and remanufacturing is to our state and the need for us to do more to build our recycling economy. 

    2. Last year we had some great wins with the passage of the Organics Waste Diversion Study Bill. This year we are working on implementing Producer Responsibility (HB22-1355), the Joint Budget Committee will be approving the Needs Assessment and a scenario to move forward in March. We are also working on passing the waste tire fee reauthorization bill (SB24-123). 

  4. VOLUNTEER 1 - Tell the legislator WHY they should care - HEART

    1. Appeal to their heart - briefly share your personal emotions, experiences with them about why recycling, composting, reuse and remanufacturing is important to you. Try to Make a personal connection with the legislator.

  5. VOLUNTEER 2- Tell the legislator WHY they should care - HEAD

    1. Appeal to their head--briefly share facts, data. Colorado is currently recycling and composting only 16% of its waste, half the national average. We are burying annually over 530,000 tons of valuable recyclable materials and over 2 million tons of food and yard waste in the state's landfills that could have been reintroduced into our economy as materials for manufacturing or compost for our nutrient poor soils.

    2. Our low recycling and composting rate means we aren't providing equitable access to recycling and composting services for residents across the state. We are working to transform our recycling and composting systems to benefit ALL Coloradans and Colorado businesses, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

  6. VOLUNTEER 3 (or can be shared between two volunteers)- Ask for their support on bills we are running or supporting

    1. Support for implementation of Producer Responsibility for Packaging and Paper (HB22-1355), passed in 2022. The Needs Assessment for the Producer Responsibility Program needs a vote of approval from the Joint Budget Committee in 2024 to move forward. 

    2. Support for Waste Tire Management Enterprise bill (SB24-123)

    3. Support creation of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s “Circular Communities Enterprise Fund (C3E)”

  7. VOLUNTEER 5 or LEADER - Ask if the legislator has questions or if we can follow up with any additional information.

  8. LEADER - Closing

    1. Tell the legislator/staffer we will be following up with an email with factsheets

    2. We will also follow up with answers to the questions he or she asked.

    3. Remind them of the Reception - 4-6PM at the Lincoln Center Building - 17th & Lincoln.

    4. Thank the legislator again.


  • Be sure to make the conversation 50/50. Let the legislator respond and ask questions.
  • Don't make anything up. It is WAY better to say, "I don't know. That is a great question. We will get back to you with an answer or have someone contact you who knows the answer."

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Legislative Schedule for February 27th

Both the Senate and House start at 9:00 AM. Adjournment varies depending on each chamber's schedule.


  • House Health and Human Services - Upon Adjournment and 1:30 PM  Room 0112 (basement of capitol building between elevators)
    • Daugherty, Bradley, Hamrick, Lieder, Weinberg, Young, Brown, Hernandez, McCormick, Bradfield, English, Holtorf, Ortiz
  • House Judiciary - Upon Adjournment and 1:30 PM Room 0107 (basement of capitol building between elevators)
    • Weissman, Armagost, Herod, Soper, Bacon, Evans, Mabrey, Woodrow, Amabile, Garcia, Snyder
  • House Transportation, Housing and Local Government - Upon Adjournment and 1:30 PM LSB A (on the corner of E 14th Ave and N. Sherman St. across from the capitol)
    • Froelich, Catlin, Mauro, Vigil, Lindsay, Frizell, Parenti, Wilson, Boesenecker, Jodeh, Valdez


  • Senate Business Labor and Technology - 2 PM Old Supreme Court (2nd floor of capitol - oppose Senate chambers)
    • Danielson, Coleman, Sullivan, Hinrichsen, Ginal, Baisley, Liston
  • Senate Education - Upon Adjournment SCR 357 (third floor between elevators)
    • Buckner, Fields, Rich, Marchman, Kolker, Baisley, Lundeen
  • Senate Finance - 1:30 PM SCR 357 (third floor between elevators)
    • Mullica, Hansen, Van Winkle, Kolker, Simpson, Buckner, Smallwood
  • Senate Judiciary - Upon adjournment Old Supreme Court (2nd floor oppose side of capitol from Senate Chambers)
    • Gonzales, Michelson Jenet, Roberts, Van Winkle, Gardner
  • Senate Local Government and Housing - 1:30 PM SCR 352 (third floor between elevators)
    • Exum, Byron Pelton, Winter, Gonzales, Rod Pelton, Jacquez Lewis, Rich
  • Senate Transportation and Energy - Upon adjournment SCR 352 (third floor between elevators)
    • Winter, Priola, Exum, Simpson, Hinrichsen, Cutter, Byron Pelton

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