Summit for Recycling Conference

The benefits of recycling go beyond the basics of conserving natural resources. They include increasing economic security, mitigating climate change, and supporting local supply chains. The 32nd annual Summit, June 15-16, will bring together experts to share why and how to effectively invest in and further commit to recycling and circularity in Colorado.

2021 Summit for Recycling
Elevating the Value Proposition
June 15 & 16 | Virtual Event

Plus 1/2-Day Recycle Colorado Policy Committee Retreat
June 17, 2021 | Virtual Event

Business Partner Showcase


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ScheduleDetailed agenda

  Tuesday, June 15      Wednesday, June 16
9:00 AM Innovation, Adaptation and Emerging Trends   9:00 AM Fighting Climate Change in Colorado: The Role of Recycling and Composting
10:30 AM Business Partner Showcase   10:30 AM 2021 Recycling Awards
11:30 AM 30-Minute Meet and Greets   11:00 AM 30-Minute Meet & Greets
1:00 PM To Ban or Not to Ban Digging Into C&D Programs Nationwide   1:00 PM Economic Recovery After the Pandemic: Opportunity to Reimagine the Way We Do Things
2:30 PM Modern Collection Systems: Avoid the Traps with these Effective Models Filling the Gaps in Our Compost Infrastructure   2:30 PM Compost End-Market Development Legislation Producing Results! Recycling In Colorado


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