2023 Council & Committees Archive

2023 Council & Committee Archive

Feel free to browse the previous meetings notes, recordings, and resources to see what each council and committee worked on in 2023. 

Colorado Composting Council

Please email us for the ongoing notes document​.

February 21st: TASP presentation, Summit & Symposium organization, policy updates, project & committees

  • View Randy's TASP Presentation
  • Watch this Meeting's Recording

May 23rd: Reviewing Strategic plan goals, operator training

  • Watch this Meeting's Recording

August 15th: Planning for upcoming events, presentation from Table to Farm Compost on contamination project

November 28th: Work Plan Review, Compost Operator Training, and Member Updates

Construction & Deconstruction Council (C&D)

February 15th, 2:30-4:00pm

August 29th, 2:30-4:00pm

November 15th, 2:30-4:00pm

Northern Colorado Council

Quarter 1, February 14th Meeting: Recycling Resources for Municipalities and Communities

The Recycling Partnership will share how to customize your collateral for your community and find grant programs for residents of single-family, multi-family and drop off sites. Eco-Cycle will share how to use Colorado’s new Technical Assistance Service Provider Program (TASP) for local governments interested in establishing a new recycling and compost program or expanding an existing recycling and compost program in Colorado’s 13 Front Range counties.

Watch the Presentation on Recycling Resources for Northern Colorado Municipalities and Communities presented by The Recycling Partnership & Eco-Cycle

  • View the Slides from the Northern Colorado Council Meeting Presentation with Recycling Grants & Resources provided by The Recycling Partnership 
  • View the Slides on the Technical Assistance Service Provider (TASP) Program by Randy Moorman
  • Notes from February 14th Meeting

Quarter 2, May 9th Meeting: Colorado Iron & Metal Tour

On May 9th, the Noco Council took a tour of Colorado Iron & Metal, Inc. in Fort Collins. Dan Garvin, the Owner, opened his doors to provide us with an in-depth look at his metal recycling facility. The Colorado Iron & Metal recycling facility is one of the largest metal recycling centers in Northern Colorado! 

Quarter 3, August 16th Meeting: Virtual Tour of Colorado Stud Company
Meet Colorado Stud Company, the business turning scrap 2x4’s into premium studs for construction projects. By joining together several sizes & types of scrap board with finger joints, the studs are guaranteed to stay straight, are high quality, and keep an estimated 69,000 trees from being cut down each year. Colorado Stud Company launches into full production August 2023. 

Watch the Virtual Tour of the Colorado Stud Company facility based in Nuun, Colorado.

Quarter 4, November 21st Meeting: Presentation from PreTred & Tires to Green Recycling

Dave Goldschmidt is the General Manager at Tires To Green Recycling Colorado (T2GR). He has spent time over the last decade in tire processing and management. Tires became a passion for him when he found out about the huge problem of scrap tires in the front range of Colorado. Providing non-virgin materials for real end markets is a real driver and motivator for T2GR in finding an ultimate solution to the waste tire problem in the state. T2GR will process approximately 1MM Colorado generated tires in 2023.

Royal Rich is the sales manager for Pretred, a Colorado based manufacturing company. 

Pretred makes barrier products from 95% recycled materials (waste tires) that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable. 1 mile of Pretred barriers diverts over 1.4 million pounds of tires from landfill or burning while reducing over 5.5 million pounds of carbon (compared to concrete). Pretred barriers are cost competitive, come in great color options, and are fully recyclable into themselves. Royal has been in sales management and development for over 20 years. He is a Colorado native, Colorado State University Alumni and enjoys exploring the Rocky Mountains with his fly rod, coaching his 2 sons in football, and planning his next travel adventure with his family.

Watch the Presentation from Pretred & Tires to Green, two organizations providing solutions to Colorado waste tire issues.

Policy Committee

  • January 5th: NOTES
  • February 7th: LOBBY DAY
  • March 2nd: NOTES
  • April 6th: No notes
  • May 4thNOTES
  • May 21st: Policy Retreat
  • July 13th: NOTES
  • August 3rd: Canceled
  • September 7th: NOTES
  • October 5th: NOTES
  • November 2nd: NOTES
  • December 7th: NOTES

Rural Recycling Policy Committee

Please email us for the ongoing notes document.

Western Slope Council

March 3rd - A look at the results from the recycling data collection project

  • Notes from this Meeting

June 2nd - Western Slope Council Updates

September 1st - Presentation from Carla Bergstrom on the Municipal Measurement Program and Laurie Johnson and Eric Heyboer on the Circular Economy Development Center

  • Watch the Circular Economy Development Center Presentation Recording from Circular Colorado during the C&D Council meeting (Same presentation)
  • More information on the Municipal Measurement Program

December 1st - Presentation from Laurie Batchelder Adams on the MRF feasibility Study for the Western Slope/Grand Junction area

  • Notes from this meeting
  • Congrats to Jennifer Richardson for being named the 2024 Council Chair and Celene Peck-Andreano our new Recorder
  • If you are interested in the Vice-Chair role, please send us an email

Plastic Circularity Council

November 14th - NOTES

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