Colorado’s Draft Needs Assessment Report has been published

The final draft of Colorado’s Needs Assessment report for statewide recycling has been published, and the CDPHE is now accepting feedback on this report. Circular Action Alliance (CAA) initiated this study as part of Colorado’s Producer Responsibility Program for packaging and paper products. The needs assessment is an in-depth study that assessed Colorado’s existing recycling systems and identifies opportunities for improving recycling and collection rates of covered materials.

Access Needs Assessment

CAA contracted HDR Engineering, Inc. and Eunomia Research & Consulting, Inc. (HDR team) to independently collect and analyze the data required to assess the state’s recycling system and needs. To support this assessment, the HDR team gathered data from organizations involved in Colorado’s recycling ecosystem related to the following key elements: 

  • Access to services
  • Recycling services costs
  • Demographic factors & other variables
  • Contamination at MRFs & compost facilities
  • Non-residential service availability, gaps & costs
  • Processing capacity opportunities & Costs
  • Minimum recyclables list
  • Markets
  • Innovative technologies
  • Reuse & refill
  • Education
  • Potential recycling scenarios 
  • Compost facilities

The final report will form the basis for a producer responsibility recycling program plan in Colorado. CDPHE welcomes feedback on the draft needs assessment report through Feb. 19. Please submit your feedback by emailing [email protected] with the subject “Needs Assessment Feedback”. For more information about the program, please visit the Producer Responsibility Program webpage. 

In addition to the feedback we encourage our members to submit directly to CDPHE, Recycle Colorado will also submit a letter on behalf of the organization. If you would like to contribute to that letter or submit anonymous or less formal feedback, please use the link below (it will not go to CDPHE).  If you have any questions on the Needs Assessment you can contact Liz ([email protected]).

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