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Using CommunityGathered Data to Drive Policy Change
Tuesday, April 13, 2021, 12:00 AM - 1:00 PM MDT
Category: Other Events

Presenters: Alina Bekkerman, Nic Esposito, and Natalie Hallinger

Humans must stem the flow of litter into the environment. Within the span of a year anchored by COVID, the detrimental impact of litter on our health, agriculture, wildlife, and the planet has become crystal clear. All available data support this observation and collective action is critical, right now. We must shape a strong, engaging story. Litter data are instrumental in shaping a new narrative about waste, engaging people, motivating personal change, and fueling communal shifts in behavior. Applied strategically, aggregated data can magnify individual actions into national policy and influence global players.

How can you use data and technology to precipitate change in your community? How has data been used to inform litter and Zero Waste policies in cities across the United States?

This webinar will explore how Litterati, a litter-data intelligence platform and app, is utilizing COVID-safe community building and data collection to inform public policy.

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