Now accepting nominations for 2024 Recycle Colorado Board of Directors!

For the 2024 year, we are looking to fill 5 new board of director openings. We encourage members with varying backgrounds and perspectives to nominate themselves or someone they know for a position. Most board roles are filled by a member for three years, but if you are interested in a one year term, please let us know. 

The nomination process closes Friday, September 29, at 5pm MST.

Submit a Board of Director's Nomination!

Requirements and Commitments of a Recycle Colorado Board Member

  • Term will be for a minimum of one to three years.
  • Board member (BM) will attend regular board meetings every other month, schedule to be determined by new Board at the first new Board meeting after elections. BM will come prepared to each meeting having read carefully the previous month’s meetings minutes, the director’s reports, monthly financial statements, and other documents distributed prior to the meeting – and having outlined important issues prior to the meeting.
  • BM will attend board orientation and the Annual Meeting.
  • BM will actively participate in board meetings, and at least one Recycle Colorado committee and/or event.
  • BM will accept and support Recycle Colorado’s mission statement as the purpose of the organization and of their volunteer work for Recycle Colorado.
  • BM will assist in developing and implementing policies, goals, and objectives for long- and short-term planning.
  • BM will ensure open and healthy communication between board and staff by offering assistance to the Executive Director and staff as called upon.
  • BM will ensure open and healthy communication between Board members by respecting opinions, listening courteously, and interacting sincerely.
  • BM will assist Recycle Colorado in meeting its annual fundraising goals by contributing time and/or money to fundraising, soliciting, seeking membership donations; sponsors or grantors agencies, and/or writing and reviewing grant proposals.
  • BM will serve as a good will ambassador for Recycle Colorado, to the community, and state of Colorado.
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