Foam Cycle 2021 Annual Report

Disposing of foam waste doesn’t have to happen any longer!
Introducing Foam Cycles 2021 impact report. In this report, you will read about the dedicated people and the inspiring foam recycling programs from all parts of the country.
Foam Cycle locations from across the country recently took part in a Penn State University research project. The lofty goal was to quantify the impact of foam (aka Styrofoam) recycling for local communities that have Foam Cycle systems in operation. Since 2017, more than 19 Foam Cycle systems have been installed, allowing a whopping 4,042,423 people access to foam recycling where none existed before!
The Foam Cycle 2021 Annual Report provides a snapshot of the overall impact that each municipality, county, public-private partnership, and non-profit organization have on recycling efforts. These impacts include providing access, diverting landfill airspace, and reducing trucking.

Download the Foam Cycle 2021 Annual Report

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