The City of Longmont's Waste Hauling Trucks Highlighted in MotorWeek

The City of Longmont was recently highlighted on MotorWeek this week for their wastewater powered waste hauling trucks. Check out their video which features our Recycle Colorado Board President, Charles Kamenides and his team. 

"The other advantage of renewable natural gas over diesel is just the greenhouse gas output, and reducing our emissions as we’re driving through our community. We’re currently using 60 to 70 percent of all of the RNG that’s produced from our wastewater treatment plant. And we anticipate that as we continue to expand our RNG fleet, that we’ll have sufficient fuel to cover all of our needs." The city built this dedicated facility to house the new trucks. Gas detectors and alarms throughout the building, as well as fans and vents that constantly refresh the air supply, allow the trucks to safely refuel with CNG indoors while being protected from harsh weather conditions year-round."

Watch the Video!

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