Front Range Waste Diversion (FRWD) Grant: Advancing Organic Waste Diversion and Composting on the Front Range

Deadline: December 20, 2021

The open Front Range Waste Diversion (FRWD) request for applications (RFA) focuses on Organic Waste and Composting, which is essential to reaching Colorado’s waste diversion goals and is a major priority of the FRWD board of directors. Applications are invited that plan to establish or expand programs, policies, and infrastructure to reduce organic waste or to increase organic waste collections, processing, and beneficial end markets and applications.

Eligible applications can be from affected municipalities, haulers, or for-profit or non-profit supporting entities, and may include funding for staffing for program adoption and implementation, as well as physical infrastructure such as processing equipment. 

FRWD especially encourages applications for additional organic waste processing infrastructure, which includes the planning, engineering, and construction of new facilities, where there is documented public support (e.g., from the local jurisdiction) for the siting of a new facility and demonstrated progress in the permitting process. Anyone intending to pursue a permitted compost facility should contact Jace Driver at CDPHE [email protected] to discuss permitting requirements and timelines before submitting a FRWD grant application.

Appropriate grant projects could include: 

  • Infrastructure to increase collection and processing of organic waste to produce compost or other products.
  • Residential organic waste diversion programs (yard waste drop-off, curbside programs including universal, bundled, volume-based pricing).
  •  Local policy/ordinances that reduce generation or increase diversion of organic waste, including programs focused on reducing food waste.
  • Commercial or institutional organic waste programs (large commercial producers, higher education or public or private schools, non-profit arms of school districts, and other institutions).

All RFA-related questions must be submitted in writing to [email protected]

Please visit the program website to access the RFA, grant application, templates, and other information.

***Applications are due no later than 3:00 p.m. on Monday December 20, 2021***

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