Celebrate recycling this November

Recycling is the easiest thing we can all do to improve our community, conserve natural resources, and create jobs. This month, help celebrate by taking part in one of the following activities. Together we can make recycling bigger and better 365 days a year.

Take the Pledge

Sunday, November 15, is America Recycles Day, the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting recycling in the United States. Support recycling in our communities and take the America Recycles Day pledge to reduce the amount of waste you produce and to recycle more. Take the pledge at americarecyclesday.org.

Make Recycling Easier

Looking to improve recycling where you live, work, and play? Get free, open-source DIYSigns for Recycling from The Recycling Partnership. You can personalize and download the templates to show what recyclables go in which bin. 

Attend an Event

The America Recycles Innovation Fair, hosted by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency on November 16, showcases recent advances in recycling technology, product development, and materials usage. Registration is free and the virtual event is open to the public.

At the America Recycles Summit, November 17 from 1:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m., the EPA plans to announce national recycling goals, provide an overview and facilitate dialogue about its draft national recycling strategy, as well as facilitate public and private sector engagement and discussions across the country. Registration is free and the virtual event is open to the public.

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