CDPHE is looking for a Professional Engineer for their Hazardous Materials & Waste Division

This position exists to: assure adequate storage, treatment and disposal of solid waste at solid waste sites and facilities and assure adequate remediation of contaminated sites by: investigating, analyzing, and evaluating the geology, geophysics, hydrogeology, and geotechnical aspects of regulated facilities; reviewing technical data; inspecting facilities; overseeing certain activities at facilities; writing and enforcing the recommendations for certificate of designation applications and/or subsequent modifications of the design and operations plans for facilities; and providing technical expertise for the review of engineering plans and designs to ensure that activities are conducted in a technically sound, cost-effective, timely, and protective manner.

The position functions as a permitter with an emphasis on environmental, geological, or civil engineering expertise. Reviews, analyzes and evaluates site characterization reports, waste reports, environmental monitoring reports, design and operation plans and Certificate of Designation applications with associated scientific and engineering materials; storage, treatment, and disposal design and operation plans; engineering specifications and criteria; complex scientific data; and design and operations plan modifications to determine the technical and regulatory adequacy of the information or application. Provides engineering technical and compliance assistance to local governments, facility operators, and citizens concerning solid waste regulations, engineering, and environmental criteria. Conducts comprehensive inspections of solid waste disposal sites and facilities to ensure compliance with solid waste statute, regulations, waivers, certificates of designation, and approved design and operating plans.

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