Composting Council

The Composting Council works to increase composting infrastructure, create and drive end markets requiring standards for use and drive state and local policies requiring the use of organic recovery and compost use.


  • Increase compost producers that will aid in delivering 750,000 tons (1,500,000 cubic yards) by 2025.

For more information about Recycle Colorado's Composting Council, contact Bob Yost (970-454-3492) or Dan Matsch (303-444-6634).

Members, find out more about the council and connect with other interested members on the Composting Council circle.

Council Documents

Strategic Plan (PDF)

2019 Work Plan (PDF)

Compost Classifications (PDF)

Meeting Notes

Other Documents

CDPHE Memo: Composting - VOC Emissions & Best Management Practices (PDF)

Rocky Mountain Region Compost/Soil Amendment Classifications (PDF)

United States Composting Council

USCC Position Paper: VOC Emissions from Composting (PDF)

USCC Position Paper: Persistent Herbicides (PDF)

USCC Comments on FMSA (PDF)

USCC Model Compost Rule Template (PDF)

Additional resources are available on the USCC website.