Subject-Matter Councils

Subject-matter councils are formed specifically to focus on advancing infrastructure, end markets and policy for a specific material, industry or subject matter. The council brings together stakeholders that have a vested interest in this specific issue. Councils meet at least quarterly for information updates and/or to work on a current action project.

Composting Council

The Composting Council is Recycle Colorado’s most tenured council. This council works to grow market-driven compost infrastructure and or capacity, create and drive end markets requiring standards for use and drive local and state policies requiring the use of organic recovery and compost. The compost council has developed a strategic plan and is working diligently on multiple projects. This council is also associated with the U.S. Composting Council.

Construction and Demolition (C&D) Council

The C&D Council promote the increase of end markets for C&D material in Colorado. The council will prioritize C&D materials by economic value and research and discover end markets for the five most valuable materials with no end markets in Colorado. In partnership with GE Johnson, the council will support the Colorado Contractor’s Challenge to increase voluntary recycling by licensed general contractors. More information (PDF)

  • Closed Loop Solutions for C&D - Recycle Colorado C&D Council and staff will identify all of the materials that are in the C&D stream and rank them by economic value. Once this list is compiled the group will look at the top five economically ranked materials that do not have current end market opportunities in Colorado and then set out to identify these opportunities and how to bring them to Colorado. This project utilizes the Recycle Colorado C&D Council as subject-matter experts and meets quarterly with Recycle Colorado staff.
  • Colorado Contractor’s Challenge - Recycle Colorado in partnership with GE Johnson implemented a statewide contractor’s challenge to increase sustainable practices and recycling on C&D job sites. GE Johnson designed the program and will now implement it in partnership with Recycle Colorado. Recycle Colorado will expand the challenge to implement site visits, assess waste practices, monitor amounts of total trash and recycled material, assist contractors with securing resources to recycle more material and provide educational materials to contractors and their employees.