Regional Councils

Regional councils serve a specific geographic region in the state and exist to provide access to Recycle Colorado programs and support to areas outside of the greater Denver area. Regional councils represent a variety of stakeholders and work locally to advance infrastructure, end markets and policies in their region that promote waste recovery, reduction and diversion.

Regional councils host quarterly meetings that focus on bringing information and education to members and/or updating council members on the current council action project if there is one. Participation on regional councils is for current Recycle Colorado members. Each member is allowed to bring a guest one time for the purpose of exploring the work of the council.

Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs Council serves El Paso County and surrounding areas. This council is working to educate local businesses on the importance of recycling and the financial benefits associated with separating materials such as cardboard from their waste stream. The council is currently planning four educational and action-oriented round tables for 2019. Please check the Recycle Colorado calendar of events for more information. More information (PDF)

Northern Colorado

The Northern Colorado Council serves Fort Collins, Larimer County and surrounding areas. This council is working to educate the general public on how to recycle right by only putting accepted items in recycling bins. They are also working to encourage recycling of infinitely recyclable items such as glass, aluminum and steel. The council has created a special Facebook page with timely and informative posts. In 2019 this council will look to become more involved in supporting recycling through local policy and the advancement of local infrastructure and end-market solutions. More information (PDF)

Coming Soon – Western Slope or Intermountain

Recycle Colorado is looking to establish a council in the west either based in Grand Junction or Eagle County. Meetings to gauge interest will be held in both locations in the second quarter of 2019. If you are interested in participating in one of these councils, please contact Executive Director Laurie Johnson.