Membership Snack & Shares

Join us during your lunch hour to network, learn, and have fun with the Recycle Colorado membership! 

Each month we will host a member spotlight presentation which will allow you to learn about the various industries and recyclers across Colorado. We will be celebrating achievements and milestones within everyone organization, sharing what's in store for Recycle Colorado, and creating a space to share challenges and brainstorm solutions. All members and nonmembers are welcome to join. 

If you are interested in presenting during any of the available dates below, please send us an email.

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2023 Spotlight Presentation Lineup

JANUARY 19th: First Meeting with Recycle Colorado Updates and Introductions

FEBRUARY 16th: Foam Cycle & SustainAbility

MARCH 16th: Clear Solutions, the nonprofit applying to be the Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) in Colorado

  • Watch the Video of the presentation from Circular Action Alliance - CAA (previously called Clear Strategies), Olivia Barker & John Hite, the PRO in Colorado
  • Visit the Circular Action Alliance Website
  • Contact Olivia ([email protected]) or John ([email protected]) for any questions about the Circular Action Alliance

APRIL 20th: The Hefty Renew Program

  • Watch the Video of the presentation from the Hefty Renew Program's Catherine Chertudi & Paul Benvenut
  • Visit the Hefty Renew Program Website
  • Contact Paul (813-505-3087, [email protected]) with any additional questions on the program

JUNE 15th: Trash Panda

  • Watch the video of the presentation from Trash Panda's Jesse Stedman
  • Visit the Trash Panda's Website
  • Check out Trash Panda's YouTube Channel
  • Contact Jesse ([email protected]) with any questions about Trash Panda
  • Recycle your old frisbees and discs with Trash Panda

AUGUST 17th: Greensheen Paint
Emily Wilson, Director of Special Projects and Circularity for GreenSheen Paint, will discuss a recently completed RREO grant project. GreenSheen used funding to create a bucket wash line so they can simply wash, and reuse paint buckets collected through Colorado’s paint stewardship program. Reuse is less impactful than sending buckets through an energy intensive and problematic recycling process. This first it its kind wash line, features a water reclamation and filtration system so no wastewater is produced. GreenSheen will reuse buckets to package their 100% recycled content in, sell reused buckets, and offer bucket washing as a service to all entities.

  • Watch the video of the presentation on Greensheen's RREO grant project to create a paint bucket wash line
  • Visit the Greensheen Paint Website
  • Contact Emily ([email protected]) with any questions about GreenSheen or their wash line

SEPTEMBER 21st: Terracycle Municipal Program

  • Visit the TerraCycle Municipal Program Website

OCTOBER 19th: Compost Queen

  • Visit Compost Queen's Website

NOVEMBER 16th: Darla Arians with CDPHE

  • Learn more about Colorado's Producer Responsibility Program

DECEMBER 21st: Canceling due to the holiday