City of Greeley RFP posting for a Waste Characterization Study

The Waste Characterization tasks outlined within this RFP will play a significant role in informing the overall goals and objectives outlined in our Waste Diversion Study. Please find an overview of these goals and objectives below:

  • Public Involvement: Survey Greeley residents to engage them in the process of moving up the Zero Waste Ladder. Ensuring their voice and feedback is utilized in informing policy recommendations.
  • Research: Determine current diversion rate and determine best practices for future waste diversion.
  • Policy Options & Recommendations: Present policy options and recommendation for the consideration of Greeley City Council.
  • Support (Education): Provide City Council with introduction to municipal solid waste to make informed decisions and more fully understand policy recommendations/options.

The result of this Residential Waste Diversion Study will be a physical document that can act as a roadmap for City Council to make educated policy decisions to ensure the City of Greeley will move up the Zero Waste Ladder.

Read the Full RFP and apply on the city of Greeley's website by selecting F22-11-096 - Waste Characterization Study under the opportunities.

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