Bill to incentivize the development of recycling end markets approved by House and Senate

Senate Bill 20-055 heads to the governor’s desk for signature

(DENVER, CO) – Just before the end of the 2020 legislative session, the House cast the final vote in favor of SB20-055, the bill that will help grow Colorado’s recycling economy by investing in the development of end markets for recyclable materials.

The bill was developed by the bipartisan Zero Waste and Recycling Interim Study Committee after consultations with Recycle Colorado members and other stakeholders.

Sponsored by senators Kevin Priola and Tammy Story and by representatives Lisa Cutter and Jeni Arndt, the bill will:

  • require the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to recommend a structure and provide governing guidance for a recycling end-market development center
  • direct CDPHE to conduct a review of current efforts and create policy and legislative recommendations that will help product manufacturers play a larger role in designing, managing, and financing programs for end-of-life management of their products and packaging
  • require CDPHE to conduct a statewide campaign to educate Colorado residents about recycling.

Developing end markets in Colorado will increase the demand for recycled materials, in turn raising the value of recyclables and making recycling more economically viable, and ultimately resulting in more materials diverted from landfills.

For more information view the bill factsheet or contact Recycle Colorado Executive Director Kristin Kim Haynes at 720-839-9531.

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