Recycling is essential now

As we all adjust to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that we recycle right during this time when recyclables are needed more than ever. The recyclable materials collected from homes and businesses go on to create new essential products like tissues and paper towels and packaging boxes for medical and grocery supplies.

Recycling is an essential service for manufacturing companies delivering these key products. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment have designated recycling as "an essential service" and manufacturers of products and packaging across the country are reminding recyclers of their critical role in providing feedstock for their production facilities.

Waste Management Vice President of Recycling Brent Bell said, "Most of us don't think about how our recyclables are used when we place them in our recycling bins. Now it is more important than ever to recycle correctly, as recyclable products are playing a critical role in our nation's manufacturing business. Across North America, people are generating more household garbage and recyclable materials than usual, and manufacturers are in need of more clean recyclable materials to meet their demands for making basic goods and emergency supplies. We can all do our part by recycling right during these challenging times."

In addition, several leading industry organizations have weighed in calling for increased recycling to meet the needed demand during this time, including:

Recycling has always been an important part of our waste management practices in Colorado. Now more than ever, recycle, and better yet, recycle it right.

Keep in mind, latex and other disposable gloves go in the trash – not your recycling container. To learn more about recycling tips and guidelines, visit Recycle Colorado's COVID-19 resources forum or view Waste Management's current service guidelines.

Thank you for your continued support of recycling!


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