Certification programs offered through Recycle Colorado's Composting Council and the USCC

Recycle Colorado's Composting Council is an official chapter of the United States Composting Council (USCC). The USCC Certification Commission offers two credentials: Certified Compost Operations Manager™ and Certified Composting Professional™.

  • Certified Compost Operations Manager™ (CCOM™) - Composting facilities vary significantly in size and scope. Compost Operations Managers who achieve the professional certification CCOM™ will be competent to work with a variety of feedstocks, using various technologies, and to produce compost products that meet the qualities required by their markets. Certified Compost Operations Managers understand all aspects of composting operations, from feedstock arrival through marketing and uses, including environmental controls and the larger context of organics recycling and waste management. CCOM Brochure (PDF)
  • Certified Composting Professional™ (CCP™) - Certified Composting Professionals who achieve the CCP™ will be knowledgeable in compost manufacturing and facility management but are not required to have the direct manufacturing experience that CCOMTM candidates have. They occupy a variety of roles that support composting facility operations, including advisors, service and equipment providers, compost operation educators, and regulators. CCP Brochure (PDF)

The certifications are valid for a three year period, provided that annual maintenance fees are paid. After three years the credential may be renewed. Requirements for renewal are obtaining at least 30 hours of professional development hours or retaking and passing the test, plus paying applicable fees.

For more information, contact:

Cary Oshins, Associate Director and Director of Certification, US Composting Council (484.547.1521 | [email protected])

Bob Yost, Vice President, Chief Technical Officer, A1 Organics (303-710-9121 | [email protected])

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