Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge

Deadline: June 11, 2019

A one-year competition from National Geographic and Sky Ocean Ventures to help tackle the world's single-use plastic problem. Teams compete for aggregate prize purses of up to $500,000, and qualified participating teams may have the opportunity to receive a minimum of $1 million in aggregate investment from Sky Ocean Ventures.

The Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge focuses on three strategic ways to address the growing issue of plastic pollution: designing alternatives to single-use plastics, identifying opportunities for industries to address plastic waste throughout supply chains and communicating the breadth of the issue through data visualization. The Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge is a key component of National Geographic's and Sky Ocean Ventures' partnership to reduce plastic waste.

Teams or individuals interested in the Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge must submit their solutions by June 11 for review by an expert judging panel. Winners will be announced in December. 

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